Stock Market Timing Service


We currently provide coverage for the following continuous Futures Contracts

Last updated Sept. 2019 Subject To Change Without Notice.

Australian Dollar Currency
British Pound  Currency
Canadian Dollar Currency
Euro FX Currency
Japanese Yen  Currency
New Zealand Dollar Currency
Swiss Franc  Currency
US Dollar Index Currency
Crude Oil Brent Energy
Ethanol Energy
Gasoline RBOB Energy
HeatingOil #2  Energy
Light Crude Oil  Energy
Natural Gas  Energy
British Pound Forex
Hong Kong Dollar Forex
Indian Rupee Forex
Isreali Shekel Forex
New Zealand Dollar Forex
Russian Ruble Forex
Singapore Dollar Forex
Corn  Grains
Oats Grains
Rice(Rough)-CBT Grains
Soybean Meal   Grains
Soybean Oil  Grains
Soybeans   Grains
Wheat   Grains
DJIA mini  Index
Nasdaq 100 e-mini Index
Russell 2000 Mini Index
S&P 500 e-mini Index
S&P 500 Index  Index
S&P/TSX 60 Index
S&P/TSX Composite Index
Copper  Industrial Metals / Minerals
Gold  Industrial Metals / Minerals
Palladium  Industrial Metals / Minerals
Platinum  Industrial Metals / Minerals
Silver  Industrial Metals / Minerals
10 Y US Treasury Notes  Interest Rates
2 Y US Treasury Notes  Interest Rates
30 Y US T Bonds  Interest Rates
5 Y US Treasury Notes  Interest Rates
EuroDollar 90 Day Interest Rates
Feeder Cattle Meats
Lean Hogs Meats
Live Cattle Meats
Coco  Softs
Coffee   Softs
Cotton Softs
Lumber  Softs
Orange Juice Softs
Sugar   Softs